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For a clean and healthy Kenya

Our Vision & Mission


Michael Münzer, Ewald-Marco Münzer

Michael and Ewald-Marco Münzer
Founder and Owner

Muenzer Kenya Pvt. Ltd. as part of Muenzer Bioindustrie GmbH is an owner-managed family company that has set itself the goal of generating energy from waste and residual materials.

We focus on preventing the most for our next generations. Our main goal is to preserve our resources and to gain new energy long term and across generations.

The bad quality of cooking oil is one main cause for cardiac infarction which is one of Kenya’s most frequent cause of death. We will stop Used Cooking Oil (UCO) to be sold back into the food chain or being disposed in Kenya’s river or the drainage system by building up a national wide collection system. We will cover the whole supply chain and guarantee that the collected Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is only used for energy production. This will result in a significant impact on the national health level and improve environmental conditions.

We will impact the waste management sector and create new jobs for Kenya.

We will reduce the national dependency of fossil imports by producing biodiesel of Used Cooking Oil (UCO).

We will strengthen the national economy.

One Name. One Family. One Company.

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